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Hacks For Popular Mobile Puzzle Games

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Hacks For Popular Mobile Puzzle Games

The best mobile puzzle games challenge players’ creativity while catering to the start-and-stop nature of this medium. Many also boast appealing 3D environments combined with strategic puzzle-play.

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1. Threes!

Puzzle games have long been a hallmark of mobile gaming, using touchscreens to present challenging brain-teasing challenges that engage gamers’ brains. From Monument Valley’s mix of optical illusions and puzzle-play to Lara Croft Go’s return to classic adventure or Threes’ simplistic match-three experience – puzzle apps such as these are designed for short gaming sessions while working in the background.

Hard to believe, but there are actually quite a few great puzzle games available on both iOS and Android. We have curated our picks down to nine best titles–both free-to-play and paid versions – that will get your grey cells working!

Threes is our inaugural hack of popular mobile puzzle games and offers both casual time-wasting fun and challenging strategy gameplay. Although its design may appear simple at first, Threes’ developers put considerable thought and care into crafting this addictive experience; giving each numbered tile its own personality while creating combinations that reward players who think outside of the box.

One of the hallmarks of Threes is that each numbered tile features an eye-catching design on one side that only becomes apparent when two identical tiles combine into one. These cute designs add to the game’s sense of progression while keeping players motivated to keep swiping away at their grid!

Threes stands out from other match-three games by rewarding players with big scores for meeting milestones. Utilizing Apple’s Game Center, players can earn achievements for finishing levels on time or accumulating certain number of threes in succession, keeping gameplay interesting as players compete to beat their high scores and claim awards on an onscreen trophy shelf.

Threes may become repetitive over time, making it essential for developers to switch up its gameplay in order to keep players interested and engaged with it. Luckily, the team behind Threes is constantly fine-tuning it so we anticipate an unforgettable title just keeps getting better and better!

2. Flow Free

Big Duck Games’ popular Flow series continues with their new puzzle game Flow Free for both iOS and Android platforms, designed to stimulate the mind while you are out and about without needing internet connectivity. This free-to-play mobile and PC puzzle game promises hours of brain stimulating fun without an internet connection required!

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This game boasts a straightforward concept: creating lines connecting matching colored dots without crossing or overlapping any of the grid’s lines. Each grid offers different numbers of matches which you must complete quickly in a certain number of moves in order to unlock additional level packs with new challenges and levels that require even more matches to achieve star rating for that level.

One of the hallmark features of Flow Free is that there’s no time limit attached when playing this puzzle game, making it perfect for unwinding after a stressful day or relaxing after work.

As an added benefit, there are various puzzle games within this app that allow you to practice specific skill sets like focusing your attention or strengthening memory. Furthermore, you can track your progress using various graphs and charts that display total flows, matches made, remaining moves left etc.

Flow Free’s hints can be extremely helpful, and its tutorial will guide you step-by-step. Additionally, an online community provides assistance if you find yourself stuck on any level – other players may provide helpful hints to get through a level more easily.

Flow Free’s safe gameplay makes it an attractive option for kids of all ages. Without restrictions or time limits on movements and timing, plus being non-addictive, it makes this an excellent game choice.

Flow Free’s main attraction lies in its free download; however, to unlock additional features such as an ad-free experience or hints you must purchase in-app purchases. Gadget Hacks offers an ad-free version of Flow Free at an unbeatably competitive rate for just $49. To make sure that your connection stays protected and private, click here and secure it with VPN Unlimited’s lifetime of usage with just one payment of $49. This VPN Unlimited deal is the ideal way to enjoy Hulu or Netflix on public networks while increasing security when playing online and more! Don’t wait – act quickly before it runs out! To learn more, check out our review of VPN Unlimited here. Michael Kwan specializes in mobile technology writing and editing and enjoys exploring new apps while relieving stress through challenging puzzle games that push his brain while relaxing his body.

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3. Puzzle-MMORPG

Mobile puzzle genre games provide players with a multitude of challenges, testing pattern recognition, logic, word completion, coding abilities and other abilities. Some standalone titles exist while others have been integrated into many other genres of video games; furthermore these games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with some being more accessible than others.

Though most mobile puzzle games involve matching items or navigating mazes, some go beyond these traditional approaches. The gaming industry has embraced virtual reality to create more engaging puzzles and experiences for players – for instance Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You puts players into the role of government security officials investigating digital lives of citizens while Astral Chain puts players into that of hackers battling transdimensional aliens for human survival.

Games that involve puzzles can often become highly addicting, prompting users to spend up to 17 minutes per day playing them. As such, game companies have often relied on in-app purchases as a form of monetization; however, recent trends indicate this method of making money has been less popular with mobile gamers and as such some developers have begun considering alternative forms of in-app purchase strategies in their game designs.

One popular mobile puzzle title that utilizes these features is Powernode. Players must connect power generators in order to keep them from disappearing from a map and must plan ahead as new nodes emerge on a regular basis, necessitating more complex wiring solutions.

Statik is another game utilizing VR to introduce new kinds of puzzle gameplay. Here, players use an innovative controller equipped with tactile switches and dials to disarm an unsettling machine by placing it inside a suitcase containing explosive material. By combining intelligent puzzle design with its dark yet compelling setting, Statik exhilarates players.

Puzzle mobile games are one of the most versatile genres within the industry, featuring a diverse set of genres and played by people all around the globe. Research data reveals that women and those over 50 years old tend to play mobile puzzle games for 17 minutes each day. Knowing this data allows game developers to more effectively meet the needs of their target audiences when creating mobile puzzle games. Puzzle game developers can also use this approach to determine which monetization models will work best with their puzzle games, including in-app purchases and advertising (in-app purchases are often more commonly utilized among mobile gamers while advertising may gain ground).

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