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Unlocking Levels in Popular Mobile Action Games

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Unlocking Levels in Popular Mobile Action Games

Action games have quickly become the go-to titles on mobile devices. From heart-pounding shooters and platformers, to beat ’em ups, these immersive experiences put players through rigorous tests of dexterity, quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Google Play Store boasts an expansive collection of action games. If you’re in the market for something to help slay zombies or level up in endless runners, we have something perfect.


Pixelbite’s top down action game Xenowerk offers players a thrilling top-down action experience while fighting mutants in an advanced sci-fi tech facility. The concept behind it is straightforward; an unsuccessful experiment has compromised its security, and now it is up to players to clear it out and restore order in this advanced facility. With plenty of fast-paced shooting action and multiple levels to complete, players will never tire from this gripping gameplay experience!

Mechanics are straightforward; using only two controls–left stick for movement and right stick for firing–you can navigate around the screen using weapons you select with left stick while using right stick to fire them with right stick. There is an array of weapons to select, each offering its own specific damage dealing capabilities. As players complete levels they are also rewarded with cogwheels scattered throughout stages and money for killing mutants–the more of each collected, the higher will be your score and more weapons can be upgraded!

Though Xenowerk can be somewhat repetitive and lack in level variety, it still manages to feel rewarding. The game’s graphics are impressive with plenty of detail in each level, item and enemy; enemies all look unique as do their death animations; the presence of green goo is also a nice touch!

As the player advances through Xenowerk, they can use any money collected to upgrade their base. Doing so allows them to upgrade primary and secondary weapons while unlocking several useful abilities – including temporary shielding powers-up, increased speed boosts, and the capability to do more damage with each shot.

Respawn systems make the game more accessible; especially since mobile gaming typically sees players engage in shorter sessions as opposed to full hour-long ones. When killed by mutants, players can either continue where they were or simply pick up where they left off and continue the level they were on. This feature makes the game more user friendly for casual mobile gamers who play short bursts rather than extended play sessions.

Overall, Xenowerk is an outstanding example of arcade dual-stick shooting done well. The controls are responsive, making for an enjoyable gaming experience with either controllers or touchscreen devices.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

After the death of his father, Huang Lee finds himself drawn into Liberty City’s Triad underworld as part of an attempt to gain respect among his gang colleagues and exact revenge – something which must be accomplished quickly in this morally bankrupt and dangerous place on Earth. Luckily for Huang, his quick learning skills can put to use as he executes murder, robbery, and drug dealing operations across Liberty City.

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Chinatown Wars provides an enjoyable alternative to Grand Theft Auto titles with its innovative yet intuitive police evasion system that’s both fun and easy to master. Instead of simply dodging radar radar, players can utilize demolition skills to destroy police vehicles instead – an experience much closer to arcade gameplay compared to previous GTA titles that depended upon tedious chase sequences for lower Wanted levels.

Chinatown Wars boasts several interesting elements beyond its police-evasion system. One of its safehouses comes equipped with a PDA-like interface that enables players to read email and access programmable GPS systems, among others. Furthermore, this GTA title was the first ever that allowed players to immediately retry missions after failed missions rather than having to return all the way back to where they started from.

Liberty City is an expansive and intricate world, and the game’s 3D graphics present it from an overhead perspective. A new cel-shaded engine gives this game its signature look.

On January 17th 2010, this game was brought over to iPhones and iPod touches with simplified control schemes that brought it closer to its DS roots, but kept all of the touchscreen minigame mechanics seen on PSP and DS versions. Independence FM provides access to music stored in iTunes libraries; additionally it features changing weather effects and 24-hour day/night cycles – additional improvements over its predecessor versions!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the third in the main Grand Theft Auto series, stars CJ Johnson as he returns to his inner city home and reignites old feuds with rival gangs. It combines third-person shooter elements with driving game features allowing CJ to operate a variety of vehicles while engaging in hand-to-hand combat and shooting activities in several distinct city settings across San Andreas State.

As in past GTA games, the player can customize their vehicle in many ways. Players can modify car performance with various upgrades like stereo systems with subwoofers to boost bass or adding nitrous oxide for speed boost; add rims and body kits; change color schemes; as well as take advantage of an extensive fleet of aircraft including planes designed to fly between cities quickly as well as helicopters that can take off from rooftops.

Combat in this game utilizes a system similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, whereby players can crouch to automatically aim and fire their weapon from cover. This mechanic is especially helpful when facing large numbers of enemies as CJ can quickly dispatch them without opening fire first. CJ’s skill with each weapon is measured by his respect stat, which increases as he completes missions, kills rival gang members, and takes over hostile hoods.

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Contrary to earlier games in the series, where most missions were necessary to move the plot along, all main missions in San Andreas can be completed by players on their own. There are certain missions in San Andreas which can be tough for even veteran gamers to conquer without using cheat codes, so here is a guide that provides some strategies and tactics that may help overcome some of the more challenging missions in San Andreas. Guide will assist players struggling to acquire weapons on missions. Memorize weapon spawn locations throughout Los Santos; for instance, Sweet’s roof in Grove Street on Grove Street could provide access to TEC-9 weapon spawns;

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter that challenges players to save civilians from an impending zombie apocalypse. The game features multiple weapons such as pistols, SMGs, rifles, shotguns and machine guns as well as support gear such as medkits and sentry turrets – as well as customizing your character’s appearance and abilities for an individualized play experience. Furthermore, its simple controls help immerse the player fully into the action!

Dead Trigger also features two forms of currency: cash and gold. Cash can be used to purchase weapons, equipment and character upgrades while gold is earned during daily bonus missions – though it takes quite some time before enough gold accumulates to unlock new weapons or equipment.

The graphics in this game are truly magnificent, featuring detailed environments and characters with fluid animations that capture lifelike movement, adding tension with its sound effects. Plus, playing this game online brings with it an immense community of players!

Like most mobile games, this one does not rely on in-app purchases or advertising revenue for revenue; rather, its developer makes money through microtransactions and in-game advertising; additionally it offers a premium version for those looking to unlock additional content.

Dead Trigger gives players access to an array of weapons based on real world firearms such as pistols, SMGs and rifles that they can upgrade for greater firepower. There is also a selection of support items such as medkits and sniper scopes in Dead Trigger that make this FPS video game the perfect fit.

The game features several levels that can be unlocked as players progress. Some levels require players to meet specific objectives or kill specific numbers of enemies while other levels allow more freedom in terms of choosing your path through them. Some levels are challenging enough that some may require multiple attempts before reaching their endpoint.

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